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A few common questions:

Why "Narratives > Missions"? What's the advantage?

Narratives offer a more in-depth and engaging story, providing a unique perspective that consumers value. While mission statements can be generic and often fail to resonate, a well-defined narrative stands out, offering a deeper connection and genuine engagement with the audience. It encapsulates a brand's unique perspective, ensuring it resonates in a market flooded with content and out-of-date strategies. In essence, narratives give brands a distinctive voice and a compelling story that can foster more meaningful connections with their audience.

How do you ensure that the narrative aligns with us?

We lead small teams and solo founders toward their brand's authentic narrative by offering a narrative workshop. This workshop is designed to define your brand's story, ensuring it's true to your values, goals, and perspective. Moreover, our research process is centered on gathering the most valuable insights, ensuring a data-driven approach that aligns with your brand's authentic narrative.

How do you tailor the process to different industries?

Our focus is on delivering a dynamic brand strategy that grows with you. We prioritize gathering targeted insights, ensuring our research is relevant and applicable to each industry. Our brand-building process, from identity design to narrative strategy, is based on these insights, ensuring a tailored and industry-relevant approach for every brand we work with.

How long is a typical dynamic-branding process?

Our approach emphasizes efficiency. For instance, our research process is streamlined to gather the most useful insights without spending months on research and interviews. We prioritize both thoroughness and speed, aiming to provide a dynamic branding strategy in a timely manner to meet the needs of DIY-focused startups and solopreneurs. A general project is 4-8 weeks.