An Interactive Workshop to Gain Clarity on Your Brand's Narrative.

This 2-Day, Brand Narrative Workshop is made to help SaaS and solopreneur startups build a story-led brand with confidence:
2 steps - 2 days

Brand Clarity & Direction?

Brand Clarity: The process of understanding the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of your brand.

Brand Direction: All about the How - Create an action plan to apply the Clarity insights and help you build a brand that people talk about.
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SMS Marketing

Develop Your Brand Story

Your Brand Story is your main asset for standing out in the market and making an impact in your customers minds. Storytelling is a powerful tool to build trust and loyalty towards your brand.
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Define Your Market Position

Your Brand Positioning is your core differentiator in the market - it's what makes you stand out in a sea of competition. A well-defined position helps your brand become the obvious solution.
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Map Your Customer Experience

Using the Customer Journey, Expectations, and Media Channel models we can understand what our customers are feeling at each stage of the process and how to show up as a brand to accommodate.
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Shape Your Market Perception

Your perception in the market is shaped by much more than a logo and some colors. Using content, visuals, and a unique brand voice can help control your reputation with an audience at scale.
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I've Helped 50+ SaaS & E-Commerce Startups

Don't take it from me

Rami is amazing, talented, responsible, professional, everything i was looking for and more!! Seriously he's the complete package. So grateful to have worked with him."
Kathy Avilla - Founder, Purpose L.A Barbers
"If you are looking to work with someone that is constantly refining/improving their processes to deliver the best possible experience, Rami is your guy."
Sean Wallbridge -  Founder of Rockstar Antics
"Rami brought a unique perspective and outlook that made us think critically about our brand. Thanks to Rami, our future's looking bright!"
Anik Seth -  Co-Founder of Hu/Ex

Numbers that seal the deal:

50+ Clients

Over the past 3 years, I’ve worked with more than 50 early-stage startups.

30 Activites

I've developed 30 interactive activities to allow for a truly customized experience.

100% Positive

After 5 years of brand building and running workshops, I've never left with a negative review.

Finally Gain Brand Clarity and Direction.
Define the core of your brand then apply the insights gained to create a framework for long-term growth.
Group Compatible
The activities are designed for either a 1-on-1 format or small groups, hosting up to 6 company stakeholders at once.
20 Interactive Activities
I've built over 30 activities for this workshop to be mixed-and-matched per project. Using the pre-project survey I'll curate your experience to your brand goals.
2-Day Timeline (3 hours)
Each day runs about an hour and a half - with Day 1 focused on gaining Brand Clarity, and using Day 2 to apply those insights and develop some Brand Direction.
Final Pass Notes & PDF Exports
After the 2-Day workshop, I comb through each activity and write final pass notes that help compile the insights we gained and recap the most valuable take-aways.

Take a Pre-Project Survey

After you book Day 1, you'll be sent a Pre-Project Survey. This lays out your Core Brand, Target Audience, Online Landscape, and Brand Goals. I'll use this to customize your workshop.

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Curate a Unique Experience

I've created over 30 interactive activities, yet some brands have already thought about a few of them. Based on the Pre-Project survey I curate 20 activities that will give your brand the most value.

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Gain Brand Clarity

For Handoff, I export all the activities we go through (with the final pass notes) and create an interactive PDF that acts as your Brand Book. Become clear on your core brand and find direction for long-term growth.

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What others are saying

I’ve really enjoyed every conversation we’ve had."
"I’ve had the pleasure to get to know and work with Rami and Tenby on several projects. I’ve really enjoyed every conversation we’ve had (solid dude) and the workshops he has put together to help me establish several brands/products I’m working on (Logo Repo, Rockstar Nights) have been very fruitful.

If you are looking to work with someone that is constantly refining/improving their processes to deliver the best possible experience, Rami is your guy. If anyone wants more information on my experience, by all means reach out. Thanks Rami!"
Sean Wallbridge
Founder, Rockstar Antics
It's eye-opening to look deep into every aspect of my startup"
I recently had the opportunity to work with Rami Guzlan for a Brand Clarity & Direction Workshop. I must say it is an eye-opening experience to look deep into every aspect of my startup - covering aspects of Branding, planning, Mission & Application.

Rami was very flexible, worked with our schedule, and produced some very detailed artifacts for us. It was a great learning experience both from a Strategy and Implementation perspective.

I would highly recommend Rami to anyone who is looking to get a thorough re-visit for their Brand strategy.
kiran headshot
Kiran Kadekoppa
Co-Founder, Hu/Ex
Rami brought a unique perspective, and outlook"
Wow such an eye-opening process lead by the talented Rami! He made us view our business in a way we never had, and helped us set the foundational pillars to win with our short-term and long-term vision. Rami brought a unique perspective, and outlook to really make us think critically about our brand direction in the future. Thanks to Rami, the future is bright!
Anik Seth
Co-Founder, Hu/Ex
We'll definitely be working together again!"
"Working with Tenby Studios was excellent! They did their research to understand our business and our culture, then they targeted the right branding approach for us. They were quick yet patient, professional, and thorough. We'll definitely work with them again!"
wassim headshot
Wassim Subie
Learning Advisor, Learnitude
Great quality, great communication."
"Mr. Guzlan went above and beyond my expectations. He was clear on what he needed to give me a good job, He's creative and knows how to do research before even starting anything. Great quality, great communication."
Adam Villalobos
Founder, Fitness&Massage
Seriously he's the complete package"
Rami is amazing, talented, responsible, professional, everything i was looking for and more!! Seriously he's the complete package. So grateful to have worked with him."
Kathy Avilla
Founder, Purpose LA Barbers

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The Brand Clarity & Direction workshop's built for SaaS & E-Commerce startups looking to make the jump from product to brand:

Brand Clarity & Direction
For SaaS & E-Commerce Startups


For B2C Product Brands:

If you've spend months (maybe years!) on product dev. and are still struggling to develop a brand around your product, this is for you: 

2-Day (3hr) Interactive Workshop
Convey a Compelling Brand Story
Define an Effective Market Position
Curate a Targeted Brand Experience
Control Brand Association/Perception
Finally Gain Brand Clarity & Direction
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Make the Jump from Product to Brand with Confidence.

Frequently asked questions

How does pricing work? 

This workshops price is based on the value it provides. Since these brand building concepts are made into interactive activities: you're creating an actionable brand book with expert consulting, while learning how to build a brand along the way. No more poking around in the dark,, finally gain clarity and direction around your brand.

How does payment work / is there a refund policy?

The payment will be made in full before starting the workshop with a 50% money-back guarantee if you don't feel satisfied after day 1.

What do I need to bring to this? 

Nothing! Once you book, you'll get an automated message to fill out the Pre-Project survey. As long as that's done before Day1, you're all set! Just show up feeling creative.

I have a question that wasn't answered:

Reach out to and I'll get back to you asap.