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We're a small team of 3 who know what it's like to build a brand while wearing multiple hats in the business.
Our Story

We've been in your shoes.

We lead small teams and solo founders toward their brand's authentic narrative - to stand out and thrive in a market full of empty promises. Supercharge your marketing with a story-led brand strategy.

So, what's our story?

We started in 2020, during the height of the pandemic. Since then we've seen the world of marketing and branding evolve before our eyes.

2015 - 2020: Pre-Tenby

Before Tenby was founded by Rami Guzlan, he worked as a freelance logo designer and brand advisor - helping small teams establish their brands online. During that 5 year period, he noticed a pattern.

2020: Why We Started

During the time freelancing a pattern was realized. Marketing and brand agencies love to handoff 100+ page presentations that nobody reads or takes action on. It was time to change that with Tenby Studios. Simplicity > Everything.

2021: Change is on the Horizon

Our first year we fell into the agency trap. While we strived for simplicity, we found ourselves creating those same 100+ page strategies we desperately wanted to avoid. This is when we had to rethink what it truly takes to build a brand in the modern era.

2022: Removing the Fluff

Over the course of a year, we ran over 100 customer interviews for clients and ourselves, we found that two things mattered most to consumers: A Narrative that resonates and a brand that truly gets them. We realized it was time to adopt a story-led strategy process.

2023: Navigating The New Age

We've entered the new age of branding. A time when empty mission statements and hollow values won't cut it. We're all about crafting a narrative that resonates, with messaging and strategy to help convey your story at scale.

Brand Strategy.

We're building brands that stand the test of time - Join The New Age of Branding.
Driving Genuine Connections

We <3 Small Teams

We know what's it like to wear multiple hats as a startup, so we built a process that keeps things simple and adaptable.

  • Market Research focused on the most valuable insights.
  • Dynamic Brand Strategy & Advising that grows with you.
  • Identity Design & Team Workshops to convey your narrative.